Mammoth Performance Pocket 1600 3ft Mattress With Medical Grade Foam


Mammoth Performance Pocket 1600 3ft Mattress With Medical Grade Foam


Product Description

Product Description


The Mammoth Performance Pocket 1600 Mattress combines leading technologies and manufacturing techniques to create the next generation of foam mattress. The Mammoth Performance is made of High-Specification foam, a new material that has great qualities - pressure relief, spinal support and temperature control. It's castellated with 3 Posture Zones to support the body where it is most needed. It is finished off with a Tencel 4-way stretch cover that is hypo-allergenic, made from sustainable, natural resources and never hammocks so your body is always fully supported.

The Mammoth Performance Pocket 1600 Mattress has been designed from top to toe with back care and health in mind. The High-Specification foam has been endorsed by multiple heath organisations, including the Department of Health.

Mammoth performance pocket 1600 mattresses have so many physiological and psychological benefits, they are classified as VAT Exempt for those who qualify. Please feel free to enquire if you are unsure.

This mattress has also shown great benefits within the sports and athletics worlds, with many sportsmen and Olympians using this mattress as part of their preparation for 2012. The superior nights sleep that they have gained from using this mattress has allowed them to train longer and harder. Including Louis Deacon (England and Leicester Tigers Second Row), Joel Jameson (Elite Ironman Athlete) and Liz Yelling (Team GB Marathon Runner).

Qualities of High-Specification Foam

  •     24cm deep
  •     7cm top layer of Medical Grade foam with V-Max Cell Technology
  •    1600 nested pocket springs
  •     Not heat sensitive
  •     Edge 50 border for superior edge-to-edge support
  •     It doesn't take time to warm up so will instantly reach its optimal performance
  •     Moulds to your body, gives great pressure relief and spinal support
  •     Responsive up to 40st
  •     4 way stretch performance fabric: ensuring the mattress molds perfectly to your body
  •     Endorsed by a number of highly respected organisations including the Department of Health, and the NHS National Institute for Clinical Excellence


The history of mattresses is an interesting one (well ... to us at least), particularly when you think about the construction of mattresses. Springs in sprung mattresses were initially made for machinery, memory foam was designed by NASA for when shuttles re-enter the atmosphere from space, but High-Specification medical foam was designed specifically for sleeping


Because the Mammoth mattress has been recognised as having supreme medical benefits, especially for backs and joints, all Mammoth mattresses are now subject to VAT relief for eligible customers. 


Key Features


Delivery Information

This Mattress will take approximately 2 weeks to be made for you and will then be delivered professionally and free of charge to the room of your choice. Upon checkout you will be asked for your delivery address and also your contact details.
You will be contacted by telephone several days in advance of delivery to make arrangements for a convenient day.
If you have any queries regarding this service or any other product queries, please feel free to contact us at any time, we are always here to help.

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