Electric / Adjustable Bed Information

Electric / Adjustable Bed Information

As the name suggests, an adjustable electric bed can be adjusted by a remote control to a number of different positions which makes it perfect for people who require sleeping and sitting up at certain positions - And for those of you who suffer from a medical condition, we are able to supply all of our beds at the VAT Exemption price to ensure it's much more affordable. Ebedz have been selling quality British made adjustable beds since 2004 at Britain's Lowest Prices. We can offer expert advice to help ensure you select the right model.

Adjustable beds can help hugely with a very large array of medical issues. Back pain is the most common type of chronic pain problem with 65% of sufferers reporting sleeping difficulties, and is the most prevalent medical disorder in industrialised societies, which is why an adjustable bed is the ideal solution. Sleeping on an electrically adjustable bed that is at a slight incline (e.g. 30 to 45 degrees) tends to be much more comfortable, with the upper body positioned higher up than the lower body (as when sitting in a recliner chair) and some support under the knees to bend the knees at a slight angle. The combination of upper body incline and the knee support can help take some of the stress off the lower back ensuring a better night sleep for you, the end using.

Here at eBedz, all our electrically adjustable beds are British made with high quality construction and are available with a mattress of your choice. From Pocket Springs, Memory Foam and Latex, to perhaps a combination of both Pocket Springs with Latex or Memory Foam, the options really are endless to ensure you get the perfect nights sleep. If you're not sure which mattress would be best for you, you can also check out our mattress buying guide by *clicking here*

In addition to the various selection of mattresses, all of our adjustable beds are available in numerous different fabric options, with or without drawers, a headboard or even a massage unit.

For honest and expert advice or to find out if you would qualify for VAT Exemption please call our customer service team on 01392 966 143 or alternatively you can send us an email to sales@ebedz.co.uk