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Electrically Adjustable Bed Accessories

Furmanac MiBed Bed Sides.

Product Description These support rails are fully adjustable in height and length, providing the ..

£165.83 Ex Tax: £165.83

Furmanac MiBed Bolt on Massage Unit (RF/Radio Frequency)

Product Description A simple to use bolt-on massage unit for a Furmanac Electrically Adjustable..

£299.00 Ex Tax: £249.17

Furmanac MiBed Chilipad - Mattress temperature regulator

  Product Description This seemingly simple invention is a bit of a game-changer in the sleep ..

£349.00 Ex Tax: £290.83

Furmanac MiBed Hoist Patient helper

Product Description Designed to assist in achieving a comfortable position or getting in or out o..

£290.83 Ex Tax: £290.83

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