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       All Furmanac MiBed Electric Adjustable Beds – At Britains Lowest Prices!

We have a huge selection of Furmanac MiBed Electric Adjustable Beds all online at Britain’s lowest prices. Furmanac stands today as the UK’s largest adjustable bed manufacturer due to their high quality furniture which gives users the sublime level of comfort they deserve, with their 5 point adjustable beds meaning that you can achieve the position you desire with their easy to use remote control.

You know you are in good hands with Furmanac with their complete 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee meaning that if there are any manufacturing faults within the first 5 years then you are covered! There is a large range of Furmanac beds, from memory foam electrically adjustable beds and mattresses to pocket sprung electrically adjustable beds and mattresses to a combination of foam with springs and even latexFurmanac have mattresses which have different levels of firmness and feels, which will respond perfectly to ones movements regardless of their size, shape or weight. 

Our fantastic selection of Furmanac MiBed Electric Adjustable beds also come with the best options available to ensure you will find exactly what you need. We can also supply special orders on all our electric / adjustable beds. Perhaps you would like 2ft 3" beds linked together to make a dual control 4ft 6" adjustable bed or maybe you would like side bars to help you get in and out. Whatever your request, feel free to contact us for expert advice on 01392 966 143.

It's also worth saying that electric adjustable beds and adjustable beds are the same thing and some also refer to them as recliner beds or reclining beds. There are adjustable beds on the market which operate manually, therefore without the electric functionality, these do have obvious disadvantages and are therefore very rare and not something you will find on

As mentioned earlier, all of our Furmanac Electric Adjustable Beds are all available at Britains lowest prices here at ebedz, so now is a great time to add some luxury to your life! 

There are also options for a Hi-Low bed available which contains a ‘up down’ mechanism allowing the user to be raised to the height of their choice, which are ideal for care homes and private residences. We also offer a ‘Bolt-On’ Massage Unit for our Electric Adjustable Beds which give you an absolutely fantastic energising, rejuvenating and uninterrupted night's sleep. There are many different fabrics that are available for Furmanac Electric Adjustable beds to match your bedroom, you can choose from Coconut, Iron, Wheat or Barley.

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